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At Burton Pidsea Primary School the staff and governors aim to provide a safe and secure environment that will develop individual pupils’ knowledge, skills and attitudes to learning and encourage them to care for and respect other people and their environment. As a small school we are committed to placing children and their learning at the heart of everything we do. We have high expectations that each pupil, regardless of ability, will achieve the best they are capable of, secure in the knowledge that we value the efforts of each individual child. The hallmark of our school is the warm and friendly atmosphere. Read more >>>

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The DFE announced that: ‘As part of our reforms to the national curriculum, the current system of ‘levels’ used to report children’s attainment and progress will be removed from September 2014 and will not be replaced.’

The New National Curriculum was introduced in September 2014. This was compulsory for all Local Authority Schools. The new curriculum is different from the old one, there are some different things to teach but the biggest difference is that there are no longer levels for the children to work through. At Burton Pidsea Primary we will be using Milestones (covering 2 years) and Stages (covering 1 year).


Milestone One – children in Year One and Two.

Milestone Two – children in Year Three and Four.

Milestone Three – children in Year Five and Six.


Each Milestone has been divided into the Yearly expectations which we have called Stages.

Within each Stage the children will be assessed as to whether they are at a Basic, Advancing or Deep level of learning.


Basic level of learning – the teachers will model and explain to the pupils and give them high support to achieve their learning. The pupils will use skills such as name, describe, complete tasks, recall information, ask basic questions, match, use, report, label, recognise, tell, repeat, arrange and memorise. A basic level of learning is about acquiring new knowledge and skills.


Advancing level of learning – this involves greater thinking and pupils need to make some decisions. The teachers will remind and guide pupils. The pupils will use skills such as organise, modify, predict, interpret, summarise, estimate and compare. An advanced level of learning is about applying and practising knowledge and skills.


Deep level of learning – pupils will need to think more deeply, justifying their answers. The teachers will coach and ask pupils deep questions. The pupils will independently appraise, explain concepts, investigate, design, create, prove, use evidence and hypothesise. A deep level of learning is about deepening and extending knowledge and skills.


Children will have as assessment grid for writing and maths which will be stuck in the front of their books. Teachers will highlight and date the targets when a child has reached a basic, advancing or deep level of learning


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Our new website has lots of wonderful facilities. You can follow us on Twitter – all posts into the site will appear in our Twitter feed, and you can subscribe to our free email service – so that each time something new is added to the site you will receive an email telling you it is there. Our site also can be easily viewed on mobile phones, tablet devices (iPad, Nexus etc) PCs and Macs. You’ll also see that, as we add in more image galleries over the years, the front page of the site will change to show you what’s been going on. We hope you really enjoy our new website and use its communication tools to help you keep you in touch with what’s going on.

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Events for Summer Term 2015

11th May  – SATs Week – KS2.
18th May  – Residential Visit Year 5/6.
20th May – Year 5/6 return from residential.
21st May  – Buswise Year 6.
– Yr1/Rec/Nursery visit to Withernsea.
22nd May – Last day of term.
2nd June – School reopens.
3rd June – School Photographer – Class photographs.
5th June – Yr 2/3 visit to Sea Life Centre, Scarborough.
8th June – Swimming starts for two weeks – Year 3/4
11th June – Spin-off Productions – Cyberbullying Year 4/5/6.
15th June – Phonic screening week – Y1.
19th June – Last day of swimming – Years 3 and 4.
29th June – Guitar / violin concert for parents.
2nd July – Maths Investigation afternoon – parents invited.
7th July – Sports Day – more information to follow.
8th July – Big Sing, Bridlington – Year 3/4/5/6.
9th July – Open Afternoon – 2.00pm-3.30pm.
17th July – Leavers Assembly. – Last day of term.

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