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The DFE announced that: ‘As part of our reforms to the national curriculum, the current system of ‘levels’ used to report children’s attainment and progress will be removed from September 2014 and will not be replaced.’

The New National Curriculum was introduced in September 2014; this is compulsory for all Local Authority Schools. The new curriculum is different from the old one, standards have increased and there are some different things to teach but the biggest difference is that there are no longer levels for the children to work through.

At Burton Pidsea Primary School, we formally assess children 3 times a year (Christmas, Easter and Summer) to monitor progress through the curriculum. At these points, the children are given a teacher assessment, based on on-going class work and informed by any formal testing.

The teacher assessments we use are:




Working Below

Children are unable to access age related learning objectives and as such are working on objectives from the curriculum below their year group

Working Towards (age related expectations)

Children are working on age related objectives, however, they sometimes require a high support to achieve their learning.


Working at Age Related Expectations

Children are able to independently access age related objectives with minimal support. They independently applying and practising knowledge and skills.

Working at Age Related Expectations in greater depth

Children are able to independently access age related objectives with minimal support. Children independently deepen and extend their knowledge and skills through application across a range on contexts

Parents should be made aware that the learning process is a continuum and the children can make progress within each assessment category.

Children have target sheets, matched to National Curriculum Expectations, in their Maths and writing books so they are aware of their progress and next steps in learning.

Progress in science is judged after each topic.

September 2018