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Vision and Values

Every school needs a clear set of aims and an ethos in order to express vision and values in their pursuite of excellence. Here you will find an outline of ours which will show you our educational model. See the information feed on this page.

School Aims

Our school is committed to providing a wide range of high quality learning experiences, which enrich, challenge and stimulate the children and lead to the development of their growth in education.

Aims and Ethos – Detailed Overview

At Burton Pidsea School we believe that these aims will be best fulfilled by encouraging everyone
to strive to do their best and by having high expectations of achievement; by the quality and
commitment of our teaching staff and Governors and by the partnership, which we initiate and
encourage with parents. We stress traditional values in all aspects of school life. We place a
strong emphasis on the acquisition of basic skills within a forward looking practical approach based
on learning through doing.

The school aims to:
• Create a happy, supportive atmosphere in which children, teachers and parents work in
partnership in mutual trust, understanding and respect, celebrating diversity.
• Create an exciting learning environment, that promotes challenge and achievement.
• Encourage high expectations in pupils and the development of skills and confidence to
achieve their potential in all aspects of their lives.
• Encourage a sense of pride and responsibility for themselves and others.
• Create opportunities for pupils to develop their sense of curiosity and responsibility for the
world in which they live and to foster respect and tolerance for others.
• Include everyone and make them feel a valued member of the school community.
• Develop confidence in pupils to develop personal relations and to manage conflict and
solve everyday problems.
• Develop an awareness of safe and healthy lifestyle choices.

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